Fires in Western Thrace finally under control

Western Thrace
Wed, 6 Sep 2023 10:44 GMT
The fires that broke out in the Western Thrace region of Greece, both in Evros and Rhodope provinces, were finally brought under control after days.
Fires in Western Thrace finally under control

The big fire that started two weeks ago in the Dadias forest in Evros region was joined in the following days by fires in two separate points in the Rhodope region.

The fires that started in the forest of Dadias and in the forest area of the villages of Yaka in the municipality of Yassıköy in the province of Rodopi caused great damage. In some settlements, houses, workplaces and animal shelters were consumed by flames, while thousands of animals perished, thousands of acres of trees and agricultural areas planted with different crops were burnt to ashes.

The huge fire that started in the forest of Dadias and spread from Alexandroupoli, along the coast and along the borders of the Rhodope region, was finally brought under control after several days.

In order to extinguish the fire in the Evros region, a large number of fire brigades from different cities in Greece and from different countries, as well as a large number of firefighting aircraft and helicopters worked.

However, the hot weather in the region for days, the wind being effective and the lack of rain prevented the fire from being brought under control in a short time and made the extinguishing work difficult.

According to the information obtained by MİLLET newspaper from local sources in Evros region, it was stated that the frontal fires that have been going on for days at different points in and around the Dadias forest have been completely under control.

The local and foreign fire brigades have not yet left the area in order to prevent the embers remaining in the tree roots at certain points of the forest from causing a major disaster again in the future. They will continue to keep watch in the fire areas for a while for precautionary purposes.

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