Western Thrace Turks to be introduced at the "Social Adaptation and Migration" symposium

Western Thrace
Tue, 14 Mar 2023 9:04 GMT
The "Social Adaptation and Migration" symposium will be held in Istanbul on Saturday, March 18, where the Turks of Western Thrace will also be introduced.
Western Thrace Turks to be introduced at the "Social Adaptation and Migration" symposium

The symposium, which will take place at Fatih Municipality Zübeyde Hanım Cultural Center with the organization of Adil Efendi Foundation ADEV, will start on Saturday, March 18 at 11:00.

In the sessions at the symposium, 'Local Migration Wave in Türkiye', 'The Role of NGOs Between International Students' Integration with Türkiye', 'Problems Coming from Abroad to Türkiye', 'Where is Western Thrace? Who are the Western Thrace Turks?', 'Western Thrace Turks and Minority Rights' and 'Immigration from the Balkans' will be discussed.

In the third session of the symposium, 'Where is Western Thrace? Berkay Molla Ahmet, the President of the Istanbul Western Thrace Student Union, will discuss the subject of “Who is the Western Thrace Turk?”. Also Assoc. Dr. Ali Hüseyinoğlu will discuss the subject "Western Thrace Turks and Minority Rights".

Regarding the symposium, the following statements were made in the statement of Istanbul BATÖB:

“We are organizing a symposium with the theme of “Social Cohesion and Migration” in the organization of the Adil Efendi Foundation. In the third session of this symposium, we will introduce our Western Thrace as Istanbul BATÖB. You are all invited to the symposium where valuable academicians will also be speakers.”

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