"The real estates of the municipality have been destroyed" opposition list claims

Western Thrace
Sat, 25 Mar 2023 8:51 GMT
The main opposition of the Municipality of Komotini, in a statement, stated that the real estate belonging to the municipality was destroyed, and criticized the mayor in this regard.
"The real estates of the municipality have been destroyed" opposition list claims

In the bulletin sent to the press by the Joint Vision List led by Antonis Gravanis, information about the situation of the municipality's strangers is given ana the mayor Yannis Garanis is criticized. The main opposition's criticisms are as follows.

“Within the responsibility of the Mayor, the properties of the Municipality of Komotini have been completely abandoned.

The municipality's real estate has been abandoned for three years. In this regard, no attempt to improve the quality of life of municipal residents has come to fruition. As a result, hundreds of thousands of euros of income are lost.

Swimming pool is closed, outdoor sports facilities are closed. Real estates and lands belonging to the municipality, which are the common property of all of us, are destroyed. The camp facilities in Dereköy have not been evaluated for 12 years and have been abandoned. It took 10 years for the traffic education park in the center of the city to go up for auction. The incompetence of the President and his staff can no longer be concealed, and we are all paying the "bill" for this situation.

Of course, in addition to these, there is also the issue of the Public Real Estate Company (ETAD). Concerning this ever-present issue, the mayor once again chose to lie to the residents to cover up his own failure. He has never made a request for our municipality, even in the most ordinary matters.

The President has no plans for the area of «Karidorema» (the fenced area in Harmanlık), nor does he have a request to open that area for evaluation.

Our suggestion is to establish an environmental park in that area and to be the focus of attention of the visitors and the people of the region. On the other hand, the building where the Asteria cinema is located has been partially demolished and instead of bringing a historical building like Imaret to the forefront, it has been left to its fate for years and generally leads to a decrease in the value of that area.

Unfortunately, Mr. Garanis gives false information to citizens. Because he lied that the Public Real Estate Company (ETAD) did not allocate real estate to municipalities. However, ETADKsenia has allocated land to the Municipality of Drama, the Leheo bazaar to the Municipality of Corinth, and the Municipality of Arhea Olimpia, and in the past it has allocated and transferred to many other municipalities such as Agios Dimitrios, Volos Municipality, Athens Municipality.

In the municipalities mentioned above, the mayors made demands on ordinary matters and fulfilled their responsibilities. Unfortunately, the Mayor of Komotini either did not fulfill his responsibilities or simply failed.”

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