Ijazat ceremony organised for two brothers in Ilıca

Western Thrace
Tue, 11 Jul 2023 9:55 GMT
On Sunday, 9 July 2023, a Hafizah (memorizing the Holy Quran) Ijazat (permission) Ceremony was held for İclâl and Yusuf Mihtaroğlu at Ilıca Yukarı Mahalle Mosque.
Ijazat ceremony organised for two brothers in Ilıca

The Hafizah Ijazet Ceremony started with the pick-up of two brother hafiz from their homes with prayers and takbirs. Muhammed Masum Vanlıoğlu, General Manager of Ismailağa Qur'an Course, made the prayer during the pick-up of Hafiz Yusuf Mihtaroğlu and his sister Hâfize İclal Mihtaroğlu, who were trained in Ismailağa Qur'an Course in Fatih, Istanbul.

The Qur'an recitations of Qur'an recitations of Laleli Mosque Imam-Khatib Qurra Hafiz Mithat Damar, Maltepe Central Mosque Imam-Khatib Qurra Hafiz Muhammed Said Sezer, Hafiz from Ilıca Murat Köse and Dinkler Imam-Khatib Cesur Hasanoğlu, who participated in the Hafizah Ijazet Ceremony from Türkiye, enchanted the hearts. Xanthi Muftiate Hymn Choir also performed beautiful hymns.

Finally, Hafiz Yusuf Mihtaroğlu recited Ashr-i Sharif and short surahs at the Hafiz Ijazet Ceremony. Hafiz Yusuf Mihtaroğlu's recitation of the Qur'an was highly appreciated by the congregation.

The ceremony ended with a prayer by Mustafa Trampa, Mufti of Xanthi. Afterwards, short welcoming speeches were made. In his speech, Mustafa Trampa, Mufti of Xanthi, emphasised that one of the ways of preserving the Holy Qur'an is hafiz and stated that the training of our hafiz in every field would be a great gain for the Muslim Turkish Community in Western Thrace and wished that our hafiz would increase.

Muhammed Masum Vanlıoğlu, General Director of İsmailağa Qur'an Course, stated in his speech that they have been coming to Western Thrace for years and participated in Hafiz ceremonies and underlined one point every time. Vanlıoğlu stated that as an institution, they act with the understanding of handing over the trust to its owner in order to serve the Western Thrace Muslim Turkish Community by raising the children entrusted from the Western Thrace Muslim Turkish Community in the best way and that they will continue to train students and hafiz with this understanding from now on.

After the noon prayer, a special programme for our female compatriots was also performed for İclâl Mihtaroğlu, the first Hafiz of Ilıca Yukarı Mahalle.

The Ilıca Upper Neighbourhood Hafiz Community was attended by Xanthi MPs Hüseyin Zeybek and Burhan Baran, WTMUGA President Hüseyin Baltacı, Xanthi Turkish Union President Ozan Ahmetoğlu, Mustafçova Mayor Rıdvan Deli Hüseyin, FEP Party Vice President Bahri Belço, Mustafçova Municipality main opposition list presidents, representatives of the Muslim Turkish Minority of Western Thrace, Istanbul Çatalca Preacher and General Director of İsmailağa Qur'an Course Dr. Muhammed Masum Vanlıoğlu and his accompanying delegation, the Mufti's Chorus and many kinsmen attended the ceremony.

In the ceremony, Hafiz İzzet Osmanoğlu, who served in the region for 40 years and recently retired, was presented a plaque of appreciation by Mustafa Trampa, Mufti of Xanthi.

After the Hafiz Ijazet Ceremony, traditional pilaf was served to the guests.

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