Residence permits offered to workers

Sat, 16 Dec 2023 8:18 GMT
Amendment hammered out to fill major gap in jobs requiring manual labor with migrants.
Residence permits offered to workers

A new type of residence permit for third-country citizens is being created to resolve the major issue of labor shortages, to eliminate the phenomena of undeclared work, and to ensure public order and security.

People who have been living in Greece for many years without legal documents and working in undeclared work will be able to be identified and registered and gain the possibility of legal employment.

The law applies to people who were in Greece through the end of November 2023, while strict penalties are foreseen for employers who do not declare workers.

An estimated 30,000 long-term residents of Greece will be impacted by the modification, which was added to the insurance bill on Friday and is presently being considered by Parliament

At the moment in Attica alone, 149,000 foreigners’ residence permits are pending renewal, which have expired, as there are not enough staff to process them. 

It was decided to introduce this specific provision at this moment because the Greek labor market is under more strain due to the exodus of migrants – Albanians for example – to other European nations. This is primarily because citizens of third countries can more readily obtain documentation and have better access to the employment market in other European countries.

The new permit for work will be granted to those who have a statement of offer of employment from an employer in Greece for employment; have resided in Greece until November 30, 2023 without a residence permit; continue to reside in Greece and have completed at least three years of continuous residence in Greece before submitting the application. 

A clean criminal record, payment of a 300-euro deposit, submission of a solemn declaration by the employer through the Single Digital Portal of Public Administration committing to employ the applicant, and a passport – even if it has expired or there is documented inability to obtain one – are among the prerequisites. If the spouse or children of the applicant are in Greece on or before November 30, 2023, they will also be given a permit to stay. 

Third-country nationals will be able to apply online for the new permit until the end of 2024. This permit is granted for one time and can be valid for three years but the holder can then apply for another type of residence permit if they meet the requirements. In order to apply for a change of permit, the applicant must be in good health and tax standing. 


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