European Turks mobilize after earthquake disaster

Thu, 23 Feb 2023 9:42 GMT
Turks living in Europe have been mobilized since the first day to help those affected by the earthquakes in Türkiye.
European Turks mobilize after earthquake disaster

Koksal Kus, Chairman of the International Union of Democrats (UID), stated that Turks living in Europe have been mobilizing since the first day to help those affected by the 7.7 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Köksal Kuş said that they are deeply saddened by the earthquakes in Türkiye and that they have been working to help people in the region since the first day they received the news of the earthquake.

Noting that as UID, headquartered in Cologne, they carry out studies in other countries as well as their regions and branches in Germany, Kuş said:

"Whatever the needs are, we focused on blankets, generators, even portable toilets, we focused on this when there was a need for winter clothing. In our regions and branches, these items are collected in certain places, sorted and packaged according to their situation, and finally with trucks, minibuses, planes, and lastly with two trains, one of which is 18. "The 400 tons of cargo in the wagon has gone to our country. This is how we provided in-kind aid, and the in-kind aid continues as tents and containers upon request."

Explaining that they are working to provide financial aid as well as in-kind aid, Kuş said, "We, as an organization, do not collect money ourselves, we do not have such an organization here. We have directed the aid of our environment and members directly to Kızılay and AFAD, which we work with. This amount is not certain for now. It is not clear, the figures on social media are definitely not correct, I have to state that. Although there is no exact figure, we know that over 10 million euros were deposited into these accounts." 

"From now on, we will focus on cash aid"
Pointing out that his friends who lost their family and relatives in the earthquake area personally went to the region and participated in the work, Kuş said:

"They have created a small container village in the name of UID there, and they also distribute food. We also have two places where food is distributed. These friends continue their work there. I went to the region, too. I have seen the Gölcük earthquake and lost many relatives. This earthquake is many times greater than that earthquake. "Therefore, we are aware of the fact that it will be a long-term work. We will keep the thoughts of our people about earthquakes alive. From now on, we will concentrate on cash aid and we will be in solidarity with the people there."

Thanking the European Turks who donated, Kuş concluded his words as follows:

"I was very touched when we saw our young people from the third generation in this field. The sensitivity of these young people of the third generation, whose father was even born in Germany, in such a disaster in Türkiye is admirable. The grandchildren of our people who came to Europe today sent a train to their country and put their hearts, minds and emotions in that train, and sent them to Türkiye, and on this occasion they indicated that they are always with our nation."

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