UN passes resolution to combat Islamophobia with overwhelming support

Sat, 16 Mar 2024 9:08 GMT
With 115 votes in favor and 44 abstentions, resolution garnered significant support among member states at UN General Assembly.
UN passes resolution to combat Islamophobia with overwhelming support

The UN General Assembly on Friday overwhelmingly endorsed a resolution designed to combat Islamophobia. 

With a vote taking place on the International Day to Combat Islamophobia, the "Measures to combat Islamophobia" resolution passed with 115 votes in favor, 44 abstentions, and none against.

Pakistan spearheaded the resolution, signaling a united front among Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states in tackling Islamophobia on the international stage.

The resolution calls for the appointment of a UN special envoy to combat Islamophobia. It further urges member states to take decisive action against religious intolerance, particularly targeting Islamophobia.

It also requests the UN secretary-general submit a report on the implementation of the measures and efforts to combat Islamophobia at the General Assembly this fall.

Last July, the UN adopted a resolution condemning Quran burning, calling attacks on the Muslim holy book "religious hatred." The same month the UN General Assembly passed a resolution that deplores all acts of violence against holy books as a violation of international law.

The definition of attacks against the Quran as religious hatred and violation of international law lays the groundwork for future steps to be taken.


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