Türkiye, 7 EU countries to set up disaster emergency medical service

Tue, 25 Apr 2023 8:48 GMT
EU Commission allocates $117M for 1st pan-European field hospital under EU solidarity mechanism.
Türkiye, 7 EU countries to set up disaster emergency medical service

Türkiye and seven EU member states will receive more than €106 million (approximately $117 million) from the EU budget to develop emergency medical services, the European Commission announced on Monday.

“The European Commission is allocating over €106 million to seven EU member states and Türkiye” to set up the first pan-European field hospital, Balazs Ujvari, spokesperson for crisis management announced at the EU executive body’s daily news briefing.

“The project will establish 3 emergency medical teams and 17 specialized care teams” to assist national authorities in case of disasters under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, he added.

The emergency medical teams will carry out surgery and diagnostics, while the specialized teams will offer intensive care, burn treatment, patient transport, mother and child support, rehabilitation, orthopedic treatment, and laboratory services.

Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania, and Türkiye will contribute to the medical project that is expected to begin working next year.

In total, 27 EU member states and nine partner countries participate in the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, the EU’s solidarity framework that provides immediate assistance in case of natural and man-made disasters and emergency situations.


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