Sweden's Moderate Party secures deal for government formation with far-right backing

Sat, 15 Oct 2022 7:40 GMT
Liberals and Christian Democrats to be part of coalition, Sweden Democrats to have cooperative role
Sweden's Moderate Party secures deal for government formation with far-right backing

Sweden's Moderates party leader Ulf Kristersson announced on Friday he agreed on a deal with the Liberals and Christian Democrats to form a minority coalition government.

Kristersson told a news conference it will be a three-party government, and the largest right-wing party, the Sweden Democrats, will not be a part of the coalition, but will have a cooperative role and will back it in parliament.

The far-right Sweden Democrats will also be entitled to appoint civil servants in government offices.

The right-wing bloc won a slim majority in the Sept. 11 vote, securing 176 seats in the 349-member Riksdag, the parliament.

Kristersson said the new government "will drastically reduce immigration", build new nuclear power plants and take tougher measures against gang criminals, among other things.

He said the new policy will change course, as "change is necessary and change is possible."

The new government aims to make it harder for new immigrants to get benefits, and also proposes to introduce a crown-witness program and stop-and-search zones, and boost CCTV use.

“We will carry out a thorough review of the entire penal code, with tougher penalties for violent and sexual crimes,” Kristersson said.

Jimmie Akesson of the Sweden Democrats told the news conference that a "change of power also has to mean a paradigm shift regarding immigration and integration policy."

Andreas Norlen, the parliament speaker, met Kristersson on Friday and proposed him as candidate for the new prime minister, a vote for which is set for Monday.


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