Jewish groups protest outside White House, demand cease-fire in Gaza

Tue, 17 Oct 2023 10:57 GMT
More than 30 protestors reportedly arrested.
Jewish groups protest outside White House, demand cease-fire in Gaza

A demonstration organized by multiple Jewish groups was held outside the White House on Monday to advocate for a halt in hostilities in Gaza

In a series of posts on X which included photos and video footage, the Jewish activist group IfNotNow said "American Jews and allies have now blocked 4+ doors to the White House.”

"We’re prepared to put our bodies in the way of more slaughter — we’re ready to stay here until (President Joe) Biden forces a ceasefire," it added.

During the demonstration, police reportedly took more than 30 people into custody.

According to a local ABC News affiliated network in the US capital, Washington, D.C., the Secret Service verified the arrests.

The arrests reportedly resulted from protesters either breaching safety barriers or obstructing entrances in the vicinity of the White House complex.

Apart from the humanitarian catastrophe and mass killings in Gaza, the protestors also raised their voices over Israelis who were killed or kidnapped by the Palestinian Hamas group.

"We are also here raising our voices for our Israeli siblings — while burying their loved ones and awaiting news of those kidnapped — (and) are screaming at their government for the bombs to stop," said the group.


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