Greek Orthodox Patriarchate condemns Israeli bombing of its culture center in Gaza

Wed, 1 Nov 2023 7:43 GMT
Israeli airstrikes against Gaza has repeatedly targeted hospitals, residences, mosques, churches.
Greek Orthodox Patriarchate condemns Israeli bombing of its culture center in Gaza

The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem on Tuesday strongly condemned the Israeli army's bombing of the Orthodox Cultural Center in Gaza City

The Patriarchate said the bombing "represents a stark embodiment of Israel's unwarranted determination to destroy the civil infrastructure and social service centers, as well as shelters for civilians trapped in the besieged enclave."

"Such attacks on civilians, particularly children, and the deliberate destruction of civilian infrastructure, cannot be justified on rational or humanitarian grounds and are fundamentally at odds with even the most basic moral values," it said.

The Patriarchate reiterated its demand for an immediate cease-fire in the Gaza Strip and pledged to continue international efforts to achieve that goal as soon as possible.

The Israeli army has expanded its air and ground attacks on the Gaza Strip, which has been under relentless airstrikes since the surprise offensive by the Palestinian group Hamas on Oct. 7.

More than 10,000 people have been killed in the conflict, including 8,525 Palestinians and more than 1,538 Israelis.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected growing calls for a cease-fire, saying it would be a "surrender" to Hamas.

An Israeli blockade of the Strip has also cut fuel, electricity and water supplies to Gaza, and reduced aid deliveries are unable to satisfy the needs of the more than 2 million residents.  


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