Germany been hit by a storm: Roofs blown off houses, roads blocked

Mon, 28 Aug 2023 8:44 GMT
Drivers could not move forward due to weather conditions that brought life to a standstill in the European country. While the roofs of 150 houses were blown off, vehicles were damaged. Hail was recorded from different points.
Germany been hit by a storm: Roofs blown off houses, roads blocked

Stormy weather took effect again in Germany.

As a result of the thunderstorm that occurred in the past days, Frankfurt Airport was covered with water and hundreds of passengers were victims at the airport where flights were cancelled.

The European country again encountered similar images. Storm and hail negatively affected life in the state of Bavaria.

Due to the heavy rainfall in the Straubing region, many streets and basements of houses were flooded.

Roads were closed to traffic

Some streets were closed to traffic due to the fall of trees due to the storm in the region.

In the city of Ratzing, a fire broke out on the upper floor of a house hit by lightning. The house became unusable as a result of the rapid spread of flames. The owner of the house was slightly injured while trying to extinguish the fire.

Hail showed its effect: 150 houses had their roofs blown off

According to the Bayerischer Rundfunk of the German First Television Channel ARD, in the town of Bad Bayersoien in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen region, 150 houses had their roofs blown off and many vehicles were damaged due to storms and hail.

Crane topples over house, old people's home evacuated

In the town of Kammer in the city of Traunstein, a crane overturned on a house due to the storm. While the roof of the building was severely damaged, it was shared that no one was injured.

In the city of Kissing in the Aichach-Friedberg region, the roof of the old people's home flew off. About 106 people living in the dormitory were evacuated.

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