Azerbaijan celebrates 105th anniversary of independence

Mon, 29 May 2023 6:26 GMT
Country recognized as 'first democratic republic of Muslim East' due to reforms, granting equal rights to all citizens and giving women right to vote.
Azerbaijan celebrates 105th anniversary of independence

Azerbaijan on Sunday celebrated its 105th anniversary of independence.

Considered to be the "first democratic republic of the Muslim East," Azerbaijan's independence was declared by the country's National Council chaired by Mammad Amin Rasulzadeh, who is considered to be the founder of Azerbaijan, on May 18, 1918.

In a short time, reforms were carried out in the field of economy, education, freedom of religion and conscience, while equal rights were granted to all citizens.

Azerbaijan also became the first country in the Muslim East to grant women the right to vote.

The Ottoman Empire was the first state to recognize the independence of Azerbaijan, and an agreement was signed between the two states on June 4, 1918.

In this context, then-Ottoman Minister of War Enver Pasha formed an army under the command of his brother Nuri Pasha (Killigil) and sent aid to Azerbaijan.

The army called the "Islamic Army of the Caucasus" liberated Baku on Sept. 15, 1918, after which the country's government moved there.

At the time, the Azerbaijani government operated in the city of Ganja due to Baku being under the occupation of Armenian and Bolshevik gangs.

The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was able to maintain its independence for only 23 months, after which the Soviet army invaded the country on April 28, 1920.

Azerbaijan declared its independence again after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and was constitutionally declared to be the heir of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.


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