36 people die in forest fires

Fri, 11 Aug 2023 12:02 GMT
Due to the fires in the forest area, 36 people lost their lives, many people were injured and many properties were damaged.
36 people die in forest fires

Three major fires continue on Hawaii's Maui Island.

Making a statement to the local press, officials stated that 36 people died due to the fires and hospitals were "overflowing" with those affected by the fire.

"While fire extinguishing efforts continue, a total of 36 people have been identified as dead due to fire in the town of Lahaina. No other details are available at this time." statements were used.

Stating that search and rescue efforts are continuing, officials said that coast guard teams rescued 14 people, including 2 children, who jumped into the water to escape the flames.

Lahaina burnt almost completely
Maui Mayor Richard Bissen Jr said at a press conference that many homes and businesses were completely destroyed by the fires and boats in the harbour suffered "serious damage". Bissen Jr noted that it is still difficult to determine the true extent of the damage in Maui and that they are concerned that the death toll may increase.

Brian Schatz, one of the state's US senators, said on social media that most of the destruction caused by the fires occurred in the historic town of Lahaina and that the town was "almost completely burned".

Ed Sniffen, Director of the Hawaii Department of Transport, said at a press conference that more than 11 thousand people were evacuated from Maui by plane.

Biden deployed the army to fight the fires
US President Joe Biden ordered the fight against forest fires in Maui.

Biden reported that the Coast Guard and the Navy are supporting search and rescue efforts, and the Navy is providing "Black Hawk" helicopters to fight the fires.

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