Zeybek speaks about the draft law on violence in sport

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Fri, 2 Feb 2024 12:02 GMT
Zeybek: "In the New Left party we will continue to serve the real needs of society also in the field of sport."
Zeybek speaks about the draft law on violence in sport

Speaking as the spokesperson of the parliamentary group of the New Left Party in the plenary session of the Parliament on the draft law on violence in the field of sport, Xanthi MP Hüseyin Zeybek stated that the government was late in preparing the new law.

The statement made by Hüseyin Zeybek on the subject is as follows:

"Highlights from my speech as spokesperson for the parliamentary group of the New Left Party on the draft law on violence in sport.

Zeybek stated that while the draft law should have been in a festive mood, it has come to the point where the damage to the stadiums due to bad weather conditions or the violent incidents resulting in the loss of lives of the fans are being discussed, and noted that the ND government acted extremely inadequate and irresponsible in this regard. Reminding that two people lost their lives in stadiums in recent months, MP Zeybek said, "You are late again to enact a new law. Stating that the prepared law is extremely inadequate, Zeybek said, "Unfortunately, you remember the laws when human lives are lost and you are trying to establish an oppressive and authoritarian police state.

Despite such strict rules, violent incidents in stadiums are increasing. Have you ever wondered why?" he said.

In his speech, Zeybek suggested that the state should establish an inter-party commission with the participation of representatives of the competent ministries in order to prevent fan violence, that an observation point against violence should be established in the stadiums, and that not only sports psychologists but also social workers should be mandatorily appointed by the federations. Zeybek demanded that educational activities for the prevention of violence in sports should be emphasised.

MP Hüseyin Zeybek stated the following: "Scientists have proposed a system of strict preventive measures and related penalties, such as a lifetime ban on entering stadiums and going to the police station on match days for people who have committed or been involved in criminal offences.

We vote no to the authoritarian draft law that the ND government has imposed under the name of measures by penalising all football fans in order to relieve itself of its responsibilities. As the New Left Party, we will stubbornly continue to serve the real needs of society in the field of mass sports, away from the sick interests of the past."

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