Youth from Şahin visit the neighboring village Sinikova

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Sun, 4 Dec 2022 9:16 GMT
Young people from Şahin met in the village of Sinikova for the night prayer together with the religious officials of the Xanthi Mufti.
Youth from Şahin visit the neighboring village Sinikova

After the Mufti of Xanthi Mustafa Trampa took office, his statements that more importance would be given to the youth in the new period and that efforts in this direction would be focused on began to show itself in practice.

Xanthi Mufti started to focus on youth activities. In this context, youth meetings were started on weekends in many regions, especially for secondary and high school students. The youth meetings in question are organized by the young religious officials of the Xanthi Mufti Office, with the instruction of Mustafa Trampa, Mufti of Xanthi.

One of the youth meetings initiated within this framework was realized in Şahin village of Xanthi. Şahin Turkish Youth shows great interest in the youth meetings organized by Religious Officer Eyyüp Aguşoğlu of Xanthi Mufti Officer in Şahin village.

Within the framework of youth meetings, different practices are featured every week. On Saturday, December 3, young people from Şahin visited the village of Sinikova Mosque with their teacher Eyyüp Aguşoğlu and performed the night prayer here. The young people, whose hearts were enchanted by the Qur'an Recitation of Imam-Hatip Theologian Cesur Hasanoğlu, in Sinikova Mosque, carefully listened to the advice of Cesur Hasanoğlu in the short conversation held after the prayer.

Cesur Hasanoğlu, who gave brief advice to the youth after the prayer, emphasized that as a Muslim and a Turk, we should always be honest, fair, and moral, no matter what profession we have after our education life.

Theologian Eyyüp Aguşoğlu, who organizes youth meetings with young people from Şahin, made the following statements in his statement on his social media account:

“We met with the youth at the night prayer. Our Prophet (pbuh) states in a hadith; ‘There are seven classes of people who Allah will shade them in the shade of the Throne on the Day when there will be no shade (on the Day of Judgment). One of them is the young man who grows up with the worship of Allah.' May my Lord keep this enthusiasm in your life forever.”

Young people from Şahin expressed their satisfaction at meeting in this way at the weekend.

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