Yassıköy to celebrate the arrival of spring with a spectacular event

Western Thrace
Fri, 5 May 2023 8:51 GMT
The ladies of Yassıköy are preparing to hold a spectacular Hıdrellez event on 14 May 2023 at the Yassıköy football field.
Yassıköy to celebrate the arrival of spring with a spectacular event

As every year in Western Thrace, the arrival of spring will be welcomed with events and festivities this year as well. One of the places where the spring enthusiasm will be experienced will be Yassıköy in the Rhodope province.

Yassıköy women, young people and the people of the village, who have organised important events in the past, are preparing to organise a beautiful event again.

Yassıköy Hıdrellez Festival will be held on Sunday, 14 May 2023 at Yassıköy football field under the leadership of Yassıköy women.

Yassıköy residents, who have hosted the participants in the best way in the mass events they have organised so far, are now preparing to host their guests in the best way in the Hıdrellez event.

In order for the citizens who will participate in the Yassıköy Hıdrellez Festival to have a pleasant time, the organisers will present an intense activity programme.

In the event where a Hıdrellez will be experienced in the flavour of Kermez, special traditional lake and lemonade will be offered to the participants. In addition, special face painting activities and local competitions will be organised for children. There will also be raffle tickets with surprise gifts.

Yassıköy Hıdrellez Festival programme:

15.30 GTGB Saza Show

16.20 Folklore Performance of Hanımeli Association

16.40 Hanımeli Association Choir Group

17.00 Yassıköy Qur'an Course Theatre Show

17.30 GTGB Folklore Performance

18.00 Local Manis

All Western Thrace people are invited to Yassıköy Hıdrellez Festival which will start at 15.00 on Sunday 14 May 2023 and end at 21.00.

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