Xanthi State Hospital still in poor condition

Western Thrace
Tue, 21 Nov 2023 8:26 GMT
Xanthi State Hospital is still in poor condition due to the lack of specialised doctors.
Xanthi State Hospital still in poor condition

There is not even an internal medicine specialist left in the whole hospital. The emergency service is managed by doctors who come from outside and work under contract.

Xanthi State Hospital has been suffering from doctor shortage for months. Many departments cannot provide service due to the lack of permanent specialised doctors. In recent days, it is stated that the internal medicine department is also having great difficulty in providing services due to the lack of a permanent specialist doctor.

According to the news on documentonews.gr, the Pathology Department of Xanthi State Hospital is trying to provide services without a permanent specialist doctor.

In recent years, problems in the state health system have led to a succession of resignations of specialised doctors from state hospitals.

Xanthi Hospital is one of the hospitals suffering from a shortage of permanent specialised doctors. The internal medicine department is trying to provide service with two intern doctors who are understood to be on leave until the end of November.

The shortages and shifts are compensated by specialised doctors from the military hospital and the Kavala State Hospital.


The medical chambers of Xanthi, Kavala, Drama, Rhodope and Evros provinces called for a solution to the dire situation in Xanthi State Hospital, which is dying due to the lack of specialised doctors, in a joint statement.

In a joint statement signed by the heads of the medical chambers, the Ministry of Health, provincial health directors, hospital administrators, MPs and state presidency called for an urgent solution to the problem.

The medical chambers called on everyone to work for the proper functioning of the state health system and reminded that it is the main duty to provide equal and correct health care to all Greek citizens.

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