Xanthi Mufti Office pays a loyalty visit to retired teacher Mehmet Trampa

Western Thrace
Sun, 26 Mar 2023 10:31 GMT
Mufti of Xanthi Mustafa Trampa visited Retired Teacher Mehmet Trampa as part of the "Loyalty to the Gentries" project.
Xanthi Mufti Office pays a loyalty visit to retired teacher Mehmet Trampa

Mufti Trampa visited Mehmet Trampa, who lives in Şahin village and is also his uncle, on Sunday, March 19, together with Deputy Mufti Ahmet Hraloğlu and Şahin Upper Neighbourgood Mosque Imam Hamdi Bekir.

Retired Teacher Mehmet Trampa briefly summarized his life story as follows:

“I was born in the village of Şahin in 1939. After graduating from primary school in 1953, I started my secondary and high school education in Komotini Celal Bayar Secondary School and High School and successfully completed it. I am one of the first students from our village to go to middle and high school. I participated in athletics competitions that I was interested in in secondary school. I took part in basketball and volleyball teams. In the discus throw, I won championships.

Although I wanted to go on to university after graduating from high school, unfortunately, my wish could not come true. Since Şahin was in the forbidden zone in those years, my passport was not issued. When the need for teaching arose in our village, I started teaching in 1964. Since the year I started teaching, I have socialized with the people in my village, I have been intertwined and I have tried to help the villagers in every way. I have established close relations with all my colleagues who graduated from teacher training schools in Türkiye and have been in constant cooperation. Because we all wanted to win the society with something.

As of April 21, 1967, difficult times began not only for me and those living in Şahin village, but also for all Western Thrace Turks. The junta administration, which seized the country's administration, also dealt the most serious and important blow to minority education.

I have served the Turkish Culture in my own village, Şahin, for 36 years, embracing the pressures of the Greek administration, which is loyal to Atatürk's principles and reforms, at the most difficult and almost minefield point of the region where the Western Thrace Turkish Minority lives. Since 2001, I have been dismissed from my job.”

At the end of the visit, Mufti of Xanthi Mustafa Trampa presented his uncle, retired teacher Mehmet Trampa with the book "Xanthi Mosques and Masjids". Expressing his satisfaction with the visit and the gift, Mehmet Trampa could not hold back his tears and expressed his gratitude by hugging The mufti.

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