Xanthi City Symposium successfully completed

Western Thrace
Mon, 4 Mar 2024 12:19 GMT
The Xanthi City Symposium, organised by the Mufti's Office of Xanthi, continued with 3 sessions on Sunday 3 March.
Xanthi City Symposium successfully completed

The two-day city symposium held at the Cultural Centre of Xanthi of the Western Thrace Minority University Graduates Association (WTMUGA) was completed with the presentation of Mustafa Trampa, Mufti of Xanthi, who took the floor in the fifth and last session.


Xanthi City Symposium continued on Sunday, 3 March with 3 sessions.

The third session was moderated by Dr Hüseyin Bostancı, President of BAKEŞ. Sezin Azizoğlu, Rıdvan Topçu, Ozan Ahmetoğlu and Bahri Belço took the floor in this session.

After Sezin Azizoğlu, who gave information about Educational Institutions in Xanthi, Rıdvan Topçu took the floor and shared his study on Religious Institutions, Muftiate and Foundations in Xanthi with the participants.

İTB President, Journalist Ozan Ahmetoğlu explained the struggle for national identity and human rights in Western Thrace with his presentation titled Xanthi Turkish Union in the Context of Human Rights and Unimplemented ECtHR Decisions.

The last speaker of this session, Bahri Belço, explained the purpose of the establishment of the Friendship Equality Peace Party and gave detailed information about the Political Organisation in Xanthi.


In the fourth session moderated by Rıdvan Topçu, Beyzanur İmam, Hülya Giritli, Mustafa Mustafa, Ahmet Hraloğlu and Cesur Hasanoğlu took the floor.

Sociologist Beyzanur İmam explained the historical neighbourhoods, streets and bazaars of Xanthi through the example of the Ottoman city.

Hülya Giritli shared her work on the historical buildings in Xanthi (Tekke, Tomb, clock tower) with the participants.

Veterinarian Mustafa Mustafa gave information about the economic structure of Xanthi.

Ahmet Hraloğlu, Deputy Mufti of Xanthi, made a presentation about the religious sites of Xanthi, mosques, churches and synagogues.

The last speaker of this session, Cesur Hasanolğlu, summarised the work he and his colleagues had done on the Ottoman Gravestones in Xanthi.


In the fifth and last session of the symposium chaired by Sezin Azizoğlu, Merve Kara, Müberra Karadayı, Müzeyyen Onbaşı and Mustafa Trampa participated as speakers.

Merve Kara, who presented the studies on the Music Culture of Xanthi with examples, gave information about some musical artefacts unearthed in Xanthi region.

Poet Müberra Karadayı introduced the prominent poets from Xanthi in Western Thrace Turkish Literature and presented examples of their poems.

Müzeyyen Onbaşı gave information about the stories which are one of the important cultural heritage of Western Thrace Turks and shared some stories from Xanthi region with the audience as examples.

Finally, Mustafa Trampa, Mufti of Xanthi, presented the results of a scientific study on the Mevlid Tradition in Xanthi region.


Mustafa Trampa, Mufti of Xanthi, in his speech at the end of the two-day symposium, thanked those who contributed to the organisation of the event. Stating that the work done was an important beginning, Trampa said that the scientific presentations made will be published in a book and presented to the benefit of the Muslim Turkish minority of Western Thrace.

Mufti Trampa also thanked all the participants who participated in the symposium with their scientific studies and made presentations.

Those who participated in the symposium with their presentations were given certificates of participation.

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