Western Thrace Turks organise iftar in Hatay

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Tue, 4 Apr 2023 9:40 GMT
Western Thrace Turks Solidarity Association Bursa Branch held its traditional iftar programme in Hatay on 6 February this year.
Western Thrace Turks organise iftar in Hatay

Western Thrace Turks Solidarity Association (BTTDD) Bursa Branch held its traditional iftar programme on 6 February this year in Hatay, one of the cities that suffered the greatest damage from the earthquake, which is described as the disaster of the century.

In Hatay, where the wounds are still fresh and reconstruction works have started, we conveyed the greetings of our fellow citizens from Western Thrace to the families of earthquake victims in order to share the pain of our citizens and to be able to support them to some extent,'' said Hasan Karaömer, President of BTTDD Bursa Branch, stating that after the decision to organise this year's iftar programme in Hatay was taken, the fellow citizens in Bursa embraced this idea with great support and said, 'We, as Western Thracians, are with our Motherland today as always. In addition to the aids we sent to the earthquake zone with great unity since the first moment of the earthquake, we did not want to leave our earthquake victims alone in the blessed month of Ramadan. Just as one of the virtues of fasting is that the full should understand the plight of the hungry, we thought that we should understand the plight of our citizens here while sitting in our warm homes. For this purpose, we decided to share this year's iftar with our citizens in Hatay on behalf of our fellow citizens. Yes, the pain here is great, the pain here is fresh, but when hand in hand, there is no difficulty that Turkish people cannot overcome. Just as we, as West Thracians, are confident that our Motherland is with us, today is the day to pay our debt to your Motherland, even if it is a little. Today is the day to be with our citizens who suffered from the earthquake.  As BTTDD Bursa Branch Board, we are extremely proud to mediate such solidarity on behalf of our fellow citizens. We are proud to convey the greetings of Western Thrace Turks to people who are kilometres away from our hometown and to share their sustenance''.


Explaining that their aid to the earthquake region will continue, President Karaömer said 'this week we met with our citizens in Hatay. As BTTDD Bursa Branch, we will continue to do our best for our earthquake victims and next week we will organise iftar and sahur programme on behalf of our kinsmen in Yeşilyurt district of Malatya''.

Our fellow countryman Mustafa Dündar, Mayor of Osmangazi Municipality, who was in the region, also participated in the iftar programme where more than 2000 iftar meals were served and BTTDD Bursa Branch was represented by President Hasan Karaömer and Board Members Aziz Azizoğlu, Att. Ali Osman Aliosman, Dr. Bünyamin Ayaz, Bülent Recepoğlu, Zekeriya Osman, Rıdvan Mehmet, Hasan Kurtuluş, Dr. İsmail Hüseyin, Uğur Raşit and Mert Sarıcalı.

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