Well-known lawyer Alev Şabanoğlu announces candidacy from Metios' list

Western Thrace
Thu, 7 Sep 2023 10:17 GMT
"I ask again for your vote for the development of our Western Thrace to honour it with all my strength"
Well-known lawyer Alev Şabanoğlu announces candidacy from Metios' list

"Lawyer Alev Şabanoğlu from Xanthi was nominated as a candidate for the Council Member of the Xanthi Region of the Province of Eastern Macedonia Thrace from the list of the Region President Christos Metios.

Alev Şabanoğlu, one of the successful lawyers of Xanthi, announced her candidacy for the Region Assembly from the New Regional Rebirth List led by Hritos Metios, President of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

Lawyer Alev Şabanoğlu, who made a name for herself in politics as a New Democracy MP Candidate for Xanthi in 2019, made the following statements in her social media account:  

"Dear friends;
It is with a sense of responsibility that I announce to you my candidature as a councillor for the Xanthi region of the Province of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, together with our Region President Mr Christos Metios.
In the past 4 years we have achieved a lot for the progress of our Province, while at the same time we have started to work on solving the pending problems. We have also laid the foundations for the improvement of everyday life despite the difficult global situation.
In 2019, with a strong will and determination to continue on the path I started, I have made a fully realised decision to run for office with clear principles:
- Respect for the citizen, courtesy and friendliness,
-With an honest and clear perspective on every big or small problem,
-with a serious and demanding stance,
-With the goal of creating a Region ready to face any challenges, now more experienced, with inexhaustible desire, I ask again for YOUR VOTE to honour with all my strength for the development of our Western Thrace.
Sincerely yours,
Av.Alev Şabanoglu"

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