Tobacco producers cast their votes, results awaited

Western Thrace
Mon, 14 Nov 2022 12:31 GMT
Election excitement took place today to determine the managers who will work in the new term in the Trakya Tobacco Producers Cooperative.
Tobacco producers cast their votes, results awaited

Members of the Thrace Tobacco Producers Cooperative, which has the largest number of members in Greece and Western Thrace Turks, went to the polls today to determine the new management.

Since an absolute majority could not be achieved last week, the elections were held on Sunday, November 13, 2022. A total of 11 ballot boxes were set up at different points in the Rhodope and Meriç provinces from the Western Thrace region to cast the votes.

Cooperative members cast their votes by going to the polls starting from 09:00 in the morning today. With the votes they cast, tobacco producers elected new managers who will convey their problems to the authorities in the new period and will serve in the management and supervisory boards who will seek solutions to the problems.

The voting process, which started in the morning at 11 different ballot boxes across Western Thrace, has been completed and the votes have been counted. It is estimated that it will take a few hours for the final results from the ballot boxes to reach the cooperative center.

The candidates who want to serve the tobacco producers in the new period are as follows:


Erol Ahmet

Sinan Ahmet

Ahmet Ahmetoğlu

Ahmet Ahmet

Yuksel Yüzbaşı Osman

Orhan İkiz Hüseyin

Latif Latif

Mustafa Mustafa

Ridvan Bayram

Vedat Salih

Hasan Sar Hüseyin

Ayfer Feyzullah

Cahit Halil

Muharrem Halil Ibrahim

Salim Hüseyin

Erdinç Hüseyin


Sabri Deli Sadik

Kamil Sadik

Mustafa Halil Ibrahim

Hasan Hasan

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