Thousands of animals perish in Alexandroupoli!

Western Thrace
Thu, 31 Aug 2023 8:59 GMT
Thousands of animals were burnt in the fire that has been going on since 19 August in Alexandroupoli.
Thousands of animals perish in Alexandroupoli!

According to the first estimates, more than 4,000 sheep and goats and 50 pens in the municipality of Alexandroupoli were burned, while many animal feed stores were also burned in the fire that has been going on in Alexandroupoli since 19 August.

Speaking to ERT Orestiada, which broadcasts in Alexandroupoli region, Kostas Dounakis, President of the Alexandroupolis Livestock Union, said: "We are devastated by this fire, we estimate that over 4,000 sheep and goats have already been burnt, and there are many casualties. All our pastures have been burnt and our animals have nowhere to graze. All this creates a very high cost," he said.

Dounakis underlined that the compensation should be given immediately after the fire and expressed his concerns about possible floods that may occur in the winter season.

Stating that the problem is not only to pay the compensation of the animals now or to cover a month's feed, Dounakis said, "The problem arises after this, because with this big fire burning in the mountain mass, floods will occur in winter. Since there are no forested areas in the mountains, the rains will spread with great speed in the region, which will cause many problems."

Finally, Dounakis added that their priority is to find a solution to the floods and that they will raise these problems in their meeting with the government.

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