The Union of Councillors warns: Nomination period for councillor elections ends on Monday

Western Thrace
Sun, 10 Dec 2023 10:46 GMT
In a statement, the Union of Councillors reminded that the nomination period for the elections of the councillors' committees ended on Monday, 11 December.
The Union of Councillors warns: Nomination period for councillor elections ends on Monday

The Union of Western Thrace Minority School Councillors reminded on its social media account that the period for nomination of candidates for the elections of the councillor committees ended on Monday 11 December.

In the statement, it was emphasised that at least 5 parents must be candidates for the elections of the Board of Councillors in minority schools and the application period for candidacy ended at 14:00 on Monday, 11 December.

Parents were advised to be sensitive to the issue and to apply for candidature in order to hold elections in every school.

The statement of the Union of Councillors is as follows:

"Dear parents of Minority Schools,

On Wednesday 20 December, the deadline for nominations for the elections for the council of councillors will end on Monday 11 December at 14:00. Parents who wish to stand for election as councillors are required to submit their petitions, photocopies of their ID cards and a certificate of permanent residence from the relevant municipality (veveosi monimis katikiyas) to the school offices by Monday 11 December.

We remind you again that at least five candidates must apply for councillor elections in our schools. Otherwise, councillors are appointed by the administration. For this reason, we ask all our parents to approach this issue sensitively and ensure that elections are held in every minority school."

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