The two-speed development "thorn" for Thrace

Western Thrace
Sat, 10 Sep 2022 8:50 GMT
Meeting of Dora Bakoyannis with producers in Komotini: "The conclusion of the cross-party committee has been implemented."
The two-speed development "thorn" for Thrace

The Conclusion of the Inter-Party Committee for the Strategic Development Planning of Thrace, which became law, after its passing in November 2021, was presented to the productive bodies by the Committee's president, Ms. Dora Bakoyannis, accompanied by the heads of the working group, Theodoros Russopulos and Dimitris Kairides, toured the prefecture of Rodopi

Ms. Bakoyani had a series of contacts with self-government bodies, productive bodies as well as with the “state” muftis of Xanthi - Rodopi .

She also was present at the reception of the Patriarch Bartholomew at the Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Virgin Komotini and at the doxology at the reception of the Patriarch at the church of Saints Constantine and Helen of Sapon.

The development of Thrace got on the rails, but not the ... train

Presidents of Chamber and Commerce of the region participated in the meeting with the productive bodies from Xanthi, Rodopi and Evros. , who conveyed to us the atmosphere of the meeting as well as the main and individual issues that were discussed. 

The topic of the meeting was the presentation - recording of the conclusions of the Inter-Party Committee on the development of Thrace

The new element was the information that the Conclusion has entered the rails for its implementation and that the mechanism of the actions has already been activated: "One year after the adoption of the Plan by the Inter-Party Committee, the implementation of its proposals is progressing at a rapid pace", said Mrs. Bakoyannis, expressing her satisfaction.

Alexandroupolis the "flagship" of development - Two-speed Development Law

It is clear that Alexandroupolis, with the investments made in its port, with the LNG natural gas station and the American interest that has been expressed in various ways, is now the "flagship" for the development of Thrace. The question remains, however, whether the success story of Alexandroupoli will be able to drag both Komotini and Xanthi, which have different geopolitical characteristics but also advantages and perspectives for investments, into a development trajectory. 

However, this does not seem feasible since the development law, instead of closing the gap, opens it by denying investments in Xanthi and Rodopi compared to the Evros

Mr.  Stelios Moraitis the president of the Chamber and Commerce of Xanthi evaluating the meeting stated:, “We remind you that the subsidy rate for businesses in Evros and mainly southern Evros is 70%, while in Xanthi and Rodopi it is only 30%.

Another issue that concerned Mr. Moraitis, is the well-known 12% and the problems that accompany it even now, even though this government has taken positive steps with the offsetting law. 

Mainly, Mr. Moraitis attributed the source of suffering to the unreliability that the state has shown towards businesses, a very basic issue that must be remedied, such as the issue of development which he characterized as a big "thorn" as he characteristically said. "Why should an investor prefer Xanthi or Komotini when he can make an investment with a 70% subsidy?" He also emphasized that Findings and Plans for the development of Thrace existed in the past, but the question is always the results they will bring and so far there are no results.

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