The farmers of Meriç decide to escalate their mobilizations

Western Thrace
Sat, 17 Feb 2024 10:10 GMT
They will close the customs office in Ormenio on Tuesday
The farmers of Meriç decide to escalate their mobilizations

The agricultural associations of the prefecture have decided to intensify from next week the mobilizations already taking place in Evros, in view of the nationwide rally organized in Athens on Tuesday.

According to the president of the Agricultural Association of Orestiada, Elias Angelakoudis, in the meeting "we decided to proceed on Tuesday to close the customs office of Ormeni from 12.00, while we will be reinforced with agricultural machinery the blockade at the junction of Kastanee, where we continue with two-hour road blockades after the afternoon. Next week new decisions will be taken depending on the reflexes shown by the government at the big rally being prepared in Athens, which we support.

The mayor of Orestiada visited the blockade and gave his support, while the Union of Professionals and Craftsmen of the Municipality of Orestiada, the local GSEE, the Labour Centre, the Bar Association, the Commercial Association, the Accountants Association and have a daily physical presence at the blockade.

"We continue the closure of the customs office of Kipoi and the weekend from 19.00 to 21.00, while on Monday we will intensify the mobilizations" says the president of the Farmers' Association of Alexandroupolis, Kostas Alexandris.


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