Terrible accident on Komotini-Kalfa road!

Western Thrace
Mon, 28 Aug 2023 8:40 GMT
There was a traffic accident on Komotini-Kalfa road at the exit of the Bulgarian road.
Terrible accident on Komotini-Kalfa road!

A motorbike collided with an Audi vehicle with Bulgarian plates.

After the tragic accident, police teams, ambulances, fire trucks and tow trucks were dispatched to the scene.

The ambulances that arrived at the scene took the motorbike rider, the driver of the vehicle and the person next to him from the accident scene and were taken to Komotini Sismanogleio State Hospital in a short time.

It was stated that the people in the vehicle were husband and wife and the driver of the motorbike was a young kinsman.

No clear information about the health conditions of the people involved in the accident has been received from the authorities yet. However, the information about the young motorbike driver is unfortunately not good.

After the police made the necessary investigations, the motorbike and the vehicle were towed away from the scene.

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