Tarkan Multaza meets with Western Thracian kinsmen in the Netherlands

Western Thrace
Tue, 30 May 2023 10:01 GMT
Kozlukebir Mayoral Candidate Tarkan Multaza, during his visit to Netherlands, met with West Thracian kinsmen living in and around Den Haag.

Tarkan Multaza, who has been expanding the team of the HOPE list, which he chairs after announcing his candidacy for the Kozlukebir Municipality, visited Netherlands at the weekend.

He met with cognates in the town of Den Haag where hundreds of West Thracians from many villages of Kozlukebir Municipality, where he is a candidate for mayor, live.

Tarkan Multaza, who came together with compatriots from his village Domruköy and other villages, made up with them. He shared his decision about the local elections to be held in the future. Multaza had dinner and chatted with the kinsmen at the picnic organised in the rural area.

Within the scope of his contacts in Hallanda, Tarkan Multaza also visited the Netherlands Western Thrace Turkish Culture and Solidarity Association, which brings together hundreds of Western Thracians under the same roof, and met with the president, board of directors and members of the association and shared his ideas about the future.

The association management made a written statement on social media about the visit of Tarkan Multaza. The management shared the following statement: "Kozlukebir Municipality Mayor Candidate Hope List President Tarkan Multaza visited our association. He met with his fellow West Thracians and explained the road map of his election work and exchanged ideas. We wish success to Tarkan Multaza who also listened to our problems."

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