Swearing-in ceremony held in Yassıköy Municipality

Western Thrace
Sat, 23 Dec 2023 9:29 GMT
The newly elected mayor of Yassıköy Municipality, Caner Imam, general councillors and local councillors were sworn in at a ceremony.
Swearing-in ceremony held in Yassıköy Municipality

An oath-taking ceremony was held today (Friday, 22 December 2023) for Caner İmam, who was elected as Mayor of Yassıköy Municipality with more support of the people in the local elections held on 8 October in Greece, and for the members and muhtars elected to the general assembly and local councils.

The swearing-in ceremony was held at 17.00 at the Conference Hall of Yassıköy Intercultural Primary School.

The ceremony was attended by the elected councillors and mukhtars from the Together List led by the newly elected mayor Caner Imam and the Strong Unity List led by the opposition leader Mehmet Mehmet, along with their relatives, invited guests and citizens.

The ceremony started with the reading of Aşr-ı Şerif by Mehmet Hafız Hodja, the Religious Officer of Yassıköy Mosque, followed by a prayer by Yusuf Hüseyinoğlu, the imam-clerk of the village.

Afterwards, the new mayor Caner Imam was sworn in with his hand on the Holy Quran.

The programme continued with a religious service for Greek members and mukhtars.

Then all elected officials were invited to the stage. Accompanying the text read by the mayor Caner Imam, the Greek elders and mukhtars took the oath by pressing their hands on the Bible, while the Turkish elders and mukhtars took the oath by pressing their hands on the Holy Quran.

The ceremony continued with the speech of Mayor Caner Imam.

At the end of the ceremony, new council members and mukhtars signed the documents one by one.

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