Swearing-in ceremony held in Maronya Municipality

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Mon, 18 Dec 2023 9:26 GMT
In the Municipality of Şapçı-Maronya, a ceremony was organised for the newly elected mayor, councillors and local councillors.
Swearing-in ceremony held in Maronya Municipality

As a result of the local elections held in Greece, swearing-in ceremonies for the newly elected mayors, councillors and local councillors started to be organised. The first ceremony was organised in the municipality of Şapçı-Maronya in the province of Rodopi.

The swearing-in ceremony for the newly elected mayor, council members and mukhtars in the Municipality of Şapçı-Maranya was held on Saturday, 16 December 2023 at 17.00.

The ceremony, which took place in the activity hall of Şapçı Intercultural Education Secondary School, started with a religious service. Afterwards, the new mayor Apostolos Ioannou took the oath of office, accompanied by the text read by Metropolitan Panteleimon of Maronia and Komotini.

Afterwards, Metropolitan Panteleimon addressed the participants and wished success to the newly elected members.

Afterwards, all elected councillors and mukhtars from the ruling and opposition parties were invited to the stage. They took the oath read by the new mayor Ioannou and pledged to fulfil their new duties with dignity.

Mayor Apostolos Ioannou, after reading the text of the oath of office, addressed the participants and the invited guests.

Starting his speech by thanking the participants and everyone who trusted and supported him and his team during the elections, Ioannu stated that from the first day they will take office, their doors will be open to everyone, they will never discriminate against people in terms of service, they will be equal and transparent.

At the end of the ceremony, the names of all elected officials were read one by one and their signatures were added.

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