Students who graduated from Celal Bayar Minority High School meet at the graduation ceremony

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Thu, 22 Jun 2023 10:55 GMT
A ceremony was organised for the graduates of Celal Bayar Minority High School in Komotini. A total of 89 students managed to graduate from the high school this year.
Students who graduated from Celal Bayar Minority High School meet at the graduation ceremony

The students who successfully completed their education at the Celal Bayar Minority High School in Komotini met with their teachers and friends for the last time at the graduation ceremony.

This year 89 students graduated from the Minority High School. A graduation ceremony was held for these students on Wednesday evening, 21 June 2023, at the event hall in Yassıköy, Rhodope. The ceremony was attended by the students, their families, school management, teachers, councillors and invited guests.

Consul General of Türkiye in Komotini Aykut Ünal did not leave the students who were happy and excited to graduate from high school alone on the meaningful night.

The group of graduating students took a collective souvenir photo. Afterwards, they entered the hall one by one and took their places in groups, accompanied by the applause of teachers, parents, councillors and other invited guests and music.

The programme started with protocol speeches. The opening speech was made by Fuat Perende, Chairman of the Celal Bayar Minority Secondary School and High School Board of Councillors.

President Fuat Perende started his speech by greeting the participants. Stating that 89 students graduated from Celal Bayar Minority High School this year, Mr Perende addressed the students: "In the whole life process, constantly read and compete with yourself and others. Be inquisitive and creative, be confident in yourself. Insecurity makes a person peaceless. Be respectful to your mothers and elders. Seeing you in good jobs will be the fruit of your labour." 

Then the school principal Tunalp Mehmet took the floor and shared his thoughts. The principal greeted all the participants on behalf of the Celal Bayar Minority Secondary School and High School family. Stating that he wants to see his students as loving individuals who love life, the principal thanked all the parents and the teachers whose term of office has ended. Addressing the students, the principal said, "Your school days will turn into school memories. Celal Bayar Minority High School sends you off with love and respect."

At the graduation ceremony, the deputy principal also made a speech and greeted the participants. He congratulated the graduating students, gave them advice and wished them success in their new lives.

Lastly, the Consul General of Komotini, Mr Aykut Ünal, who did not leave the students alone on this meaningful night, took the floor at the graduation ceremony. 

Greeting the participants of the graduation ceremony, Consul General Ünal stated that he could not attend the meaningful event due to his wife's travelling abroad and conveyed his wife's greetings to those present in the hall. Consul General Ünal, who thanked those who invited them to this important day, stated in his speech to the students that they came here with great care and difficulties; "May your perception always be open and your consciousness always be high. But above all, be courageous. Make good use of the opportunities that life offers you. Be active. Aim to be the personalities that society points fingers at. I wish you many endless successes and embrace you with love, I wish you auspicious and good luck."

After the speeches, the school music group performed under the direction of music teacher Mehmet Mustafa. At the end of the programme, those present in the hall watched a short film of the activities and events that the students had done during their education years.  

The graduation ceremony ended with the awarding of diplomas by the teachers to the students who successfully completed their high school education and the presentation of gifts to the students who were ranked.


Among the students who graduated this year, Mehmet Nuri, Selcan Nisa Demir and Ceren İkra Demir, who scored 20 full points, finished first in the school.

Besim Ali Mehmet came second with 19.7 points, while Emime Mehmet came third with 19.6 points.

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