Storm and heavy rainfall cause damage in the Rhodope region

Western Thrace
Sun, 5 Nov 2023 10:54 GMT
In the Rhodope region, damages occurred in some areas as a result of the wind and rain that started lightly around 12.00 today and then increased in intensity.
Storm and heavy rainfall cause damage in the Rhodope region

One of the settlements affected by the storm and heavy rainfall was Kır Vakıf village of Şapçı-Maronya Municipality.

Due to the storm, damages occurred on the scaffolds around the houses and in the fields where tobacco producers dry the tobacco they collect. Due to the strong wind, the nylon of the scaffolds were torn and the tobacco being dried in the form of poles got wet due to the rain.

One of the producers whose scaffolds and products were damaged was teacher Hasan Kör Hasan, a resident of Kır Vakıf village. Hasan sent photographs to MILLET about the damages to the scaffolds where he and his family had left the tobacco he collected with his family to dry and gave information about what happened.

Hasan Kör Hasan informed our newspaper that the storm started to show its effect around 12.00 today and the wind tore the nylon of the scaffolds. He stated that as a result of the scaffolds being opened, the tobacco poles they left for drying got wet. He asked the authorities to take action on this issue.

The information received is that similar situation and damages are also experienced in different villages.

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