State of emergency declared in Inhanli and Okçular

Western Thrace
Thu, 15 Feb 2024 9:10 GMT
The municipality declared a state of emergency for the villages of Inhanli and Okçular, which suffered damages due to heavy hail yesterday.
State of emergency declared in Inhanli and Okçular

The heavy hail that fell yesterday (Tuesday, 13 February) afternoon also affected the lowland region of Xanthi. It caused damages in Inhanli, the central village of Topiros Municipality of Xanthi and Okcular village of the municipality. The municipal administration declared a state of emergency for Inhanli and Okcular.

Topiros Mayor Thomas Mihoglou announced that the municipality building will remain closed today, Wednesday 14 February, due to the works carried out to repair the damages that occurred in the two villages.

It was stated that all work machines and labourers of the municipality made intensive efforts to clean and repair the streets in both villages.

The statement made by Topiros Municipality on the subject is as follows:

"A state of emergency has been declared for the villages of Evlalon (Inhanli) and Toksotes (Okçular) of Topiros Municipality due to the heavy hail that occurred on Tuesday, 13 February.

Bad weather conditions caused damage to municipal roads, the rural road network and irrigation canals. Damage was also caused to the main infrastructure of the municipality and to the homes of some citizens. Due to the extraordinary circumstances, today, 14 February, the services located in the Municipality building (Civil Registry and Municipal Registry Office) will not be able to provide services to citizens. The service units and machinery of the Municipality of Topiros have been at work since yesterday and in co-operation with volunteers are working hard to clean the road network and public areas.  At this stage, we invite residents of the municipality residing in this area to exercise caution."

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