Significant event held in Ketenlik

Western Thrace
Sun, 6 Nov 2022 9:44 GMT
A Mevlid-i Nebi event was organized for the female students of the Ketenlik Qur'an Course affiliated to the Xanthi Mufti.
Significant event held in Ketenlik

Mevlid-i Nebi event for Ketenlik Qur'an Course girl students on 4 November 2022 under the leadership of Xanthi Mufti Religious Officers Rabia Topçu, Sinan İsmailko, and Betül Abdullahoğlu and Quran Course teacher Emine Abdullahoğlu at the Upper Mosque in Ketenlik Village of Xanthi was held.

In the event; The exemplary of our Beloved Prophet was discussed by reciting Ashr-i Sharif, poems, and hymns. Afterwards, games were prepared for children and refreshments were made. Deputy Mufti of Xanthi, Fatma Imam, was present at the Mevlid-i Nebi program, representing the Mufti of Xanthi.

The Mevlid-i Nebi events organized in the Qur'an Courses affiliated to the Xanthi Mufti continue successfully. On the other hand, it was stated that response and conversation programs for adult women started in many mosques and continued with high participation.

Muftis elected by Muslim Turks in Western Thrace and the activities carried out under these muftis are of great importance in terms of commitment to national and spiritual values.

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