Sadık Ahmet film to be screened for only one week due to OSCAR nomination

Western Thrace
Sun, 4 Feb 2024 14:24 GMT
The production company stated that the film can only be released for one week due to international rules.
Sadık Ahmet film to be screened for only one week due to OSCAR nomination

On 2 February 2024, the film "Sadık Ahmet", which is about the life of the late Dr. Sadık Ahmet, the leader of Western Thrace Turks, was released with great anticipation. The production company MCG Film Media shared the film's Academy Awards (OSCAR) nomination application with the public.

The film is about the injustices suffered for years by the Western Thrace Turks, who are the trustees of the Treaty of Lausanne to the Republic of Turkey, and the struggle against these injustices. This work, which contains important messages on the supremacy of international concepts, universal human rights, world peace and equal citizenship, has a great meaning not only for Turkey but also for all the oppressed people of the world.

MCG Film Medya announced that they will apply for the film as an OSCAR nominee in June, if a panel of professional associations and cinema organisations deem it suitable and sufficient. Following the completion of the application process, the film will enter a long release period to reach a wide audience in the country and abroad.

He stated that they are happy to have received the approval of a committee consisting of the production company, valuable representatives of the sector and different branches of art for this great success. The film Sadık Ahmet draws attention as a work that touches on social and universal issues beyond being just a biography. The film is expected with great excitement and hope in the process of being nominated for the Academy Awards.

This development, which was announced to the public, is considered as an important step towards crowning the success of Turkish cinema in the international arena.

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