Russia slams US decision to supply Ukraine with cluster bombs

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Mon, 10 Jul 2023 8:41 GMT
Foreign Ministry spokeswoman says Washington will be ‘complicit … share responsibility for … victims … including Russian and Ukrainian children’
Russia slams US decision to supply Ukraine with cluster bombs

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Saturday slammed the US decision to supply Ukraine with cluster munition.

Zakharova said in a statement on the ministry's website that cluster bombs is another step aimed at protracting the war without taking into account the cost of civilian lives.

"We are talking about a cynical attempt to prolong the agony of the current Ukrainian authorities, regardless of civilian casualties. Washington is well aware that the 'promises' of the Ukronazis to use these weapons of indiscriminate action 'carefully and responsibly' are worthless. Civilians will be under attack," she warned.

She pointed out that the experience of using cluster bombs in the Middle East and other regions is that elements may go undetonated and blow up after the end of combat activities.

"By supplying cluster munitions, Washington will become complicit in the mining of the territory and will fully share responsibility for the victims of the explosions, including Russian and Ukrainian children," she said.

Zakharova noted that the constant expansion of the range of weapons delivered to Ukraine means deeper and deeper US, and its allies, involvement in hostilities.

She encouraged the international community to give its assessment of US actions.

"The transfer of cluster munitions is a gesture of despair and evidence of impotence against the background of the failure of the advertised Ukrainian 'counteroffensive'. Another 'miracle weapon,' on which Washington and Kyiv are betting, without thinking about the grave consequences, will not affect the course of a special military operation, the goals and objectives of which will be fully fulfilled," she said.

US President Joe Biden said Friday he decided to provide Ukraine with cluster bombs because Kyiv is running out of 155 mm artillery.


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