Rhodope livestock breeders and beekeepers to also benefit from the aid

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Wed, 13 Mar 2024 12:58 GMT
With the initiative of Özgür Ferhat, the livestock breeders and beekeepers from Rhodope, whose properties were damaged in the fire last summer, were also included in the 5.2 Aid Package.
Rhodope livestock breeders and beekeepers to also benefit from the aid

Livestock breeders and bee producers from Rhodope, whose properties were damaged in the fire disaster in the Rhodope region last summer but were excluded from the 5.2 Aid Package prepared by the ND government, were included in the package thanks to the initiatives of New Left Party Rodopi MP Özgür Ferhat and will benefit from economic aid.

As a result of the attempts made, the following was stated in a written statement issued by the political office of the MP:

5.2 (Metro) emergency supplementary aid package for most of Greece's disaster and fire areas, announced on 7 March 2024 (100% coverage of damages to cattle, sheep, livestock, equipment, structures and corrals and bee boxes by the State budget) The livestock breeders and beekeepers of the Rhodope region are again deprived.

In an urgent intervention to the Ministry on this issue, Rodopi MP Özgür Ferhat stated the following:

As with our beekeepers, our livestock breeders were excluded from the announced emergency aid package.

As a result of our work, our beekeepers have been included in this platform and have won the right to benefit from the additional aid package.

We have received the written decision of the Ministry and as a result of our initiative, the beekeepers of the Rhodope region are entitled to receive the aid of € 15 per crate. Until the end of June, all losses of the beekeepers will be paid as compensation by adding 15 €.   

On 7 March, on another platform (Metro 5.2), the Rhodope livestock breeders are not present, and as a result of our intervention to the ministry following the same path, we received a reply stating that the province of Rhodope will be included in the programme under the name of aid package 5.2.

However, the absence of the Rhodope province in the first platform opened means loss of time and economic difficulties for our livestock breeders.

Our aim and our work is to ensure that the livestock breeders who have suffered losses in our region are included in this platform as soon as possible and receive the money they are entitled to.

As we have received results in our beekeepers, we have received the same result in the case of our animal breeders. We are waiting for the official ministry decision to be published!

The written reply of the Ministry of Agriculture with protocol 150/40827 contains the following:

- 5.2 (Metro) The aid package (EUR 45 mil.) will include all Rhodope and Evros livestock breeders and beekeepers who have suffered damage due to fires.

- In the nearest future, the Ministry will provide a €15 per crate aid package to all Rhodope beekeepers.

- Increasing the number of ballot boxes from 15% to 50% every year.

- The right to increase the chest of our producers engaged in biological beekeeping is determined as 50%.

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