Rhodope farmers on the road to make their voices heard

Western Thrace
Sat, 27 Jan 2024 10:42 GMT
The protests organised yesterday by farmers across Greece were accompanied by farmers from Rhodope.
Rhodope farmers on the road to make their voices heard

The farmers from Rhodope accompanied the protests organised by the farmers throughout Greece yesterday by organising a demonstration in Komotini. The farmers gathered with their tractors outside the city and then moved to the city centre in convoy.

In the protests that took place in city centres and large districts throughout Greece, farmers tried to make their voices heard to the New Democracy government to solve the economic problems.

There was also a demonstration in the Rhodope province yesterday (Friday 26 January 2024). The farmers, who participated in the action with dozens of tractors, moved towards the city centre of Komotini after the road blocking action and gathered in front of the building of the Presidency of the Province of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

A delegation of representatives of non-governmental organisations active in the agricultural sector met with the President of the State of Eastern Macedonia Thrace, Christodoulos Topsidis. The delegation explained to Topsidis the reasons that led to the organisation of the action and then they were given a written text with the demands.

Speaking in front of the state building, Nikos Botrochos, President of the Agricultural Association of the Municipality of Komotini, addressed the problems in the field of agriculture. Afterwards, President Christodoulos Topsidis, Rodopi MP Ozgur Ferhat, representatives of other parties and representatives of agricultural cooperatives and unions expressed their problems regarding the New Agricultural Policy (KAP), the withholding of some of the money that should have been given, the high cost of diesel, fertiliser, electricity and pesticides.

The speakers demanded that the competent heads of the New Democracy Party government take action to solve the problems of the farmers, to listen to their demands and to solve the problems.

After the speeches, farmers from Rhodope took a common decision. The tractors will be kept in front of the building of the State Presidency of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace over the weekend, and on Monday morning they will come together again and a new decision will be taken on how to take a new step in the struggle.

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