Regaip Night enthusiasm experienced in Mastanlı Mosque

Western Thrace
Fri, 27 Jan 2023 9:38 GMT
After the night prayer at Mastanlı Mosque in Komotini, the Regaip Night program was held. The kinsmen lived the blessed night with enthusiasm.
Regaip Night enthusiasm experienced in Mastanlı Mosque

Regaip Night program was held tonight (Thursday, January 26, 2023) by the Komotini Minority Culture, Education and Sports Association “BRIDGE” and the people of the neighborhood at Mastanlı Mosque in Komotini.

The Regaip Night program, which was held after the Isha prayer and brought together the kinsmen from Mastan and the surrounding neighborhoods, started with the sermon of the Deputy Mufti of Komotini, Fehim Ahmet. Fehim Ahmet gave important information about Üç Aylar and Regaip Kandili to his kinsmen in his sermon.

Later, religious officials of the Chosen Mufti of Komotini Orhan Bülbül, Nihat Kaplan, İsmail Karagöz, Hüseyin Hasan, and Fatih Pişkal recited Asr-ı Sharif sang hymns, and Mawlid-i Sharif.

Both men and women participated in the program. Ladies followed the program from the upper floor of the mosque.

At the end of the program, after the mosque imam recited Asr-ı Sharif, the prayer of Mawlid-i Sharif was made by Deputy Mufti Fehim Ahmet. In the meaningful night, the compatriots opened their hands and prayed together.

Despite the rainy weather, many kinsmen attended the religious program held at Mastanlı Mosque.

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