Özgür Ferhat: PM incapable of producing solutions to the problems of our people in the region

Western Thrace
Fri, 20 Jan 2023 8:18 GMT
SYRIZA Party Central Executive Committee Member and Rhodope Deputy Candidate Özgür Ferhat insensitively criticized Prime Minister Mitsotakis, who visited Western Thrace.
Özgür Ferhat: PM incapable of producing solutions to the problems of our people in the region

Making a statement about Prime Minister Mitsotakis' visit to Western Thrace, Özgür Ferhat stated that the Prime Minister is far from the problems experienced by the people of the region and that he is incapable of solving the problems.

Özgür Ferhat's statement regarding Prime Minister Mitsotakis' visit to Western Thrace is as follows:

"Recently, as the people of the region, we witnessed the speeches of Prime Minister Mitsotakis and his accompanying government delegation, once again full of promises, their speeches about the huge investment and development projects they plan to make in the future, their plans for the welfare and employment environment they will provide.

However, in the emerging picture and in line with the political analysis, we see that this visit did not go beyond an effort to draw an imaginary ideal image before the election and to try to create an artificial situation.

The aforementioned visit revealed that the Prime Minister is far from the real problems of our people in the region, insensitive and incapable of producing solutions to the growing problems of current life on people.

Unemployment, which has been the bleeding wound of our region for years, the economic migration event that blunted the society and emptied the region, the fact that investment and infrastructure applications are almost negligible in our Rhodope province, that most of our people belong to the middle class, that they try to make a living from farming and animal husbandry, but the economic burdens Unfortunately, Mr. Mitsotakis could not perceive that he was crushed under it and stuck in despair, and he had to be content with empty promises in order to maintain his enthusiasm for power.

There is an urgent need for a Prime Minister and government with a vision, plan, and political initiative that will make our lives easier in the near future, keep our youth in their homeland, and make Rhodope and Thrace a livable place right now!

If you had these characteristics, Mr. Mitsotakis, you would have revealed what you have done to the region for the past four years and appealed to the will of the people again.

Whereas, you pretend to have done the development actions that you did not do, do not want to do, do not care about, or you are displaying the actions we did in the previous period against the public as if they were your own product and demanding more power time.

We all know that even a moment of additional time to be given to you will lead to more bad things.

Finally, I am not saying that you have once again disappointed the Minority people with your cursory statements, ignoring the institutional and social problems of our Minority, because these people have no expectations from you anymore.

No society and no country has attained prosperity by teasing, as it were, with warmongering and superior deterrence.

On the contrary, whenever a circle of peace is established, investments are made in our people and our region, the characteristics of societies are respected, and bilateral relations with neighboring countries are placed in a proper framework in terms of geostrategy, then development, prosperity, and social advancement have been achieved.

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