“Oh those youngsters” by Miracle Theater Group was staged in Keşan

Western Thrace
Sun, 6 Nov 2022 9:49 GMT
The theater play "Oh those youngsters" prepared by BTAYTD Miracle Theater Group and Xanthi Turkish Union was staged in Keşan.
“Oh those youngsters” by Miracle Theater Group was staged in Keşan

The theater play "Oh those" prepared by the Western Thrace Minority Graduates Association Miracle Theater Group and the Xanthi Turkish Union was staged in Keşan.

The play, which started on Friday, November 4, at 14.30 at Selim Sesler Conference and Theater Hall was watched by Keşan Mayor Mustafa Helvacıoğlu, Keşan District Director of National Education İlhan Saz, President of Western Thrace Minority Graduates Association Dr. Hüseyin Baltacı and students.

Mustafa Helvacıoğlu, who congratulated the young talents who played in the play, which tells about the troubles between parents and children in the family with humor, for their performance, said, “We have guests from Western Thrace who are very valuable for us and our country. Our kinsmen in Western Thrace are our souls. Maybe there are borders between the places we live in, but there are no borders between our bonds of love. Our hearts always beat together. The presence of our Turkish kinsmen in Western Thrace and their contact with us always gives us strength. We will carry the brotherhood between us to the future by strengthening it even more. We will continue to work for common purposes by keeping the strong bond between us alive. Today they are our guests in the field of art. We continue to be a supporter of the arts. Art studies and collaborations are as valuable as any other service. As Keşan Municipality, we stand by the arts. Keşan Municipality Art Center and Selim Sesler Theater and Conference Hall are the biggest indicators of the importance we attach to art. Today, the Western Thrace Minority Higher Education Association Miracle Theater Group is with us, which is on the road to create miracles. I congratulate them for their performance”.

Baltacı, on the other hand, said that they are very happy to stage the first screening of their plays in Keşan and thanked Helvacıoğlu and the people of Keşan for their hospitality. The game, which lasted about 1 hour, was greatly appreciated.

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