Municipality of Xanthi: The new chairman and members of the Municipal Committee at Board of Directors

Western Thrace
Wed, 3 Jan 2024 9:45 GMT
Without absences and with the traditional cake cutting, held this afternoon the first - for the new term of office with Mayor of Xanthi Stratos Kontos - Xanthi City Council, in order to elect the new presidium and members of the Municipal Committee.
Municipality of Xanthi: The new chairman and members of the Municipal Committee at Board of Directors

The Royal Pie was blessed by His Eminence, Metropolitan Panteleimon of Xanthi and Periphery, who referred to the second day of a new year, wishing health to all members of the City Council. In addition, he admonished both the Mayor and the members of the council, noting that serious decisions are taken during the meetings, while he did not fail to mention the Great Basil, his origin and the custom of cutting the New Year's cake, wishing - once again - to all health, peace, harmony, cooperation.

The lucky winner of the year was the new Municipal Councillor Mrs. Despina Theodoridou, while the coin of the media was won by the newspaper "THRAKI".

Shortly afterwards, after the necessary quorum was established, the meeting of the Municipal Council began.

Mr. Yiannis Dremsizis was proposed as chairman by the Mayor of Xanthi, Mr. Stratos Kontos. As vice-president, Mr. Manolis Tsepelis proposed Mr. Fanourakis Emmanouil, while as secretary - from the side of Mr. Melissopoulos - Mr. Vassilis Papadopoulos was proposed.

The vote was taken by show of hands, while the decisions, with some differences for Mr. Fanourakis and 4 white votes, passed unanimously!

Mr. Dremsizis thanked all members for their confidence in him, and made a pun as a "wish" with the names of all the municipal factions.  A secret ballot followed for the election of the members of the Municipal Committee of the Municipality of Xanthi.


The Mayor of Xanthi, Mr Stratos Kontos, is the Chairman.

The secret ballot has appointed as full members of the Municipal Committee from the coalition of the opposition:

Haralambos Efstratiou (16 crosses)

Zerenidis Ioannis (16 crosses)

Bandak Siaban (16 crosses)

Peponidis Ioannis (16 crosses)

Papadopoulos Kyriakos (15 crosses)


Iliadis Thomas (6 crosses)

Ilias Kotopoulos (5 crosses)

Tarenidis Anastasios (5 crosses)

Chatziantoniou Athanasios (5 crosses) and

Tsapalis Ioannis (5 crosses)

From the opposition councillors elected as ordinary councillors are:

Tsepelis Manolis (8 crosses)

Fanourakis Emmanouil (8 crosses)

Bekir Oglou Sua (8 crosses)


Lyratzis Paschalis (5 crosses)

Amiras Stavros (5 crosses)

Stavrakaras Panagiotis (5 crosses)

Mr. Kontos congratulated all the members of the City Council and wished them health and a productive term. He also spoke about the administration of all Xanthians and pledged to work with all members of the City Council.  "Let us take our city and our municipality forward and make all Xanthians proud" he concluded.

For his part, the outgoing Mayor of Xanthi Mr. Manolis Tsepelis, wished health and happiness to all and noted that "we can not afford not to cooperate for this blessed place ", stressing among other things that "we will not do any miserable opposition" .

Subsequently, the speech was given to the head of the faction "Forward" Mr. Savvas Melissopoulos who wished everyone "Good term and good strength" stressing that "we will try to have more productive meetings".

Finally, on his part, Mr. Pappas wished "health" and "to make decisions based on the good of this city".

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