Mumine Kalenci laid to rest with tears

Western Thrace
Thu, 7 Mar 2024 8:53 GMT
Mumine Kalenci, who passed away after struggling with unrelenting illnesses for many years, was laid to rest in Demircik.
Mumine Kalenci laid to rest with tears

Mumine Kalenci, the honourable wife of the late Feyzullah Hasan Kahya, one of the founders of Millet newspaper and senior preacher of Xanthi Muftiate, passed away on 4 March after a life of suffering.

The funeral prayer for Mümine Kalenci was held at her house in Gökçeler village on 5 March Tuesday at 12.00 pm. After the funeral prayer led by the family friend and Islamic scholar Dr. Masum Vanlığoğlu, who attended the funeral from Istanbul, the friends and neighbours she had lived with for years were asked for forgiveness. The funeral prayer was performed by Ahmet Hraloğlu, Deputy Mufti of Xanthi.

Kalenci's body was then taken to Demircik village where he was born and grew up, and he was buried after the funeral prayer following the afternoon prayer.  

The funeral prayer in Demircik was led by Mustafa Trampa, Mufti of Xanthi. Trampa, in his speech after the prayer, stated that the deceased was an honourable person who won the love of everyone with his good morals and will be remembered as a person who should be taken as an example. Afterwards, he asked for forgiveness from the people of the village and the participants from Western Thrace and Türkiye.

Mumine Kalenci was buried with the prayers and tears of her loved ones.

Mümine Kalenci had been struggling with unrelenting illnesses for many years. Kalenci, who overcame her illness, fell in the hospital where she was treated on 4 March, suffered a brain haemorrhage with a blow to the head and was taken to intensive care.  

Kalenci passed away on Monday, 5 March in the hospital in Thessaloniki despite all interventions.

As Millet Newspaper family, we wish Allah's mercy to the deceased Mümine Kalenci, condolences and patience to Hasan Kahya family and his loved ones.

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