Muftis publish their Mevlid Kandil messages

Western Thrace
Mon, 25 Sep 2023 9:47 GMT
Mufti of Komotini and Xanthi İbrahim Şerif and Mustafa Trampa issued a message on the occasion of the Mevlid Kandil.
Muftis publish their Mevlid Kandil messages

Mufti İbrahim Şerif, who touched upon the meaning and importance of the Mevlid Kandil in his message, said: "I congratulate you on your Mevlid Kandil and I pray to Allah Almighty that it will be auspicious for the Muslim Turkish Minority of Western Thrace and all humanity".

Mufti Mustafa Trampa, who touched upon the meaning and importance of the Mevlid Kandil in his message, also emphasised the protest at the Xanthi Minority Secondary School and High School and said: "Unfortunately, there is still no positive response from the authorities to our just demands. For this reason, we will continue to continue our struggle more strongly together from 7 to 70 until we receive a positive response to our just demands."

Mufti Ibrahim Sharif's message is as follows:

"Dear Brothers and Sisters,

26 September 2023 Tuesday evening is the Mevlid Kandil. It is the night when our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was born according to the lunar calendar. The Prophet was born in Mecca on the twelfth Monday night of the lunar month of Rabîu'l-awwal. One of the most important events in the history of humanity is his blessed birth.

Because at the time when He came to the world, people had lost all kinds of value measures and had lost their way. Kufr and injustice had darkened the hearts and led them away from the path to Allah. Social life had deteriorated and morals were completely rotten. Women were treated as captives, bought and sold like property, and girls were brutally buried alive. It was as if peace, security of life and property, which was the thing that people needed most in the world, had disappeared. Many corners of the world were witnessing bloody struggles. The world was in need of the sending of a prophet. All hopes were directed towards the prophet of the end times heralded by the Jewish and Christian religions. The whole world was looking forward to the coming of this saviour in darkness.

It was at such a time that our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was born. The morning of this night was indeed a bright morning. A brand new day had dawned for humanity and a bright era had opened. The sending of our beloved Prophet, who is a sun of virtue and a torch of guidance, is one of the greatest blessings of Allah Almighty to all human beings. In this regard, the Holy Qur'an states: 'Verily, Allah has favoured the believers by sending them a Messenger from among themselves, who recited to them His Verses, purified them, and taught them the Book and wisdom. But before that they were in manifest error.' In the words of the Holy Qur'an, 'He was sent from the Lord of the worlds as a mercy to the worlds.

During his twenty-three years of prophethood, the Prophet endeavoured to replace idolatry with monotheism, oppression with justice, enmity with brotherhood, and friction with solidarity. He aimed for peace to prevail in the society. He set an example for people with his moral behaviours such as truthfulness, kindness, reliability, justice, tolerance and generosity. On the other hand, he fought against behaviours such as blood feud, extortion, robbery, violence, revenge, hatred, drinking, gambling, theft, eating orphan's property, lying, backbiting, envy, envy, and backbiting which disrupt the peace of individuals and society. As a result of all these activities, in the light of the revelation, with his perfect personality, he fought against the behaviours that were characterised as 'jahiliyyah' and whose main features were ignorance, idolatry, idolatry and idolatry; ignorance, idolatry, tribalism, tyranny, cruelty, injustice, unruliness, lack of central authority, injustice, a life far from peace and order, killing children, savage behaviour, blood feud, etc., and created a brand new society where peace and tranquility prevailed.

By granting religious, legal and judicial autonomy to non-Muslims and allowing them to preserve their cultural identities, he showed the best example of the coexistence of many religious and cultural groups. With this behaviour, he also pioneered the development of tolerance. This attitude not only set an example for Muslims in the following centuries, but also served as a model for other civilisations.

The teachings of our Prophet were applied by Muslims living in the following centuries and continued to be an example to humanity.

Humanity today needs the divine message conveyed by the Prophet and his Sunnah, which is the realisation of this message. Because Islam does not only consist of the Qur'an. It is a religion that was explained and put into practice in the person of the Prophet and institutionalised under his leadership. In this respect, the Prophet and thus the Sunnah have an important place in religion. This position of the Prophet is expressed in various aspects in the Qur'an.

Without the Prophet, it is impossible to understand the Qur'an and to practise the religion fully. Moreover, to recognise or not to recognise the authority to explain and enact the Qur'an to the Prophet is to give the people

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