Mufti's Office of Komotini opens mosques for fire victims

Western Thrace
Tue, 22 Aug 2023 20:44 GMT
In the statement made by the Elected Mufti's Office of Komotini, it was reported that Bekirköy, Asagikoy and Sapci mosques are open for fire victims.
Mufti's Office of Komotini opens mosques for fire victims

Amidst the devastating fires that have struck Komotini and its surroundings, the Elected Mufti's Office of Komotini has stepped forward with a compassionate initiative. In a heartfelt statement, the office has announced that the Bekirköy, Asagikoy, and Sapci mosques are now offering refuge and solace to the victims of the raging wildfires.

In times of adversity, solidarity and communal support become the cornerstones of hope. With the fires causing widespread disruption and displacing countless individuals and families, the Mufti's Office recognizes the urgent need for shelter and comfort.

The mosques, revered as places of spiritual connection and unity, have opened their doors to all those who have been affected by this natural catastrophe. This gesture not only provides a safe haven for those in distress but also exemplifies the spirit of togetherness that prevails in the face of adversity.

This endeavor undertaken by the Mufti's Office of Komotini echoes the essence of compassion and empathy that transcends borders, cultures, and beliefs. As the fires continue to challenge the region, the mosques' doors stand open as a symbol of hope, embodying the unwavering support of the community during these trying times.

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