Mufti of Xanthi Trampa issues Eid message

Western Thrace
Thu, 20 Apr 2023 11:56 GMT
Mustafa Trampa, Elected Mufti of Xanthi, issued a message on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.
Mufti of Xanthi Trampa issues Eid message

Mustafa Trampa, Elected Mufti of Xanthi, issued a message on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

In his Eid message, Mufti Trampa made the following statements

"Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Endless praise and peace be upon our Lord who has brought us to another Eid al-Fitr! Infinite salutations and peace be upon our Master who declared Eid as a day of joy and joy!

This year, we have fulfilled the month of Ramadan with great enthusiasm and with the same excitement, we have reached the Eid al-Fitr, inshallah, forgiven. As Mufti's Office, we gave importance to our children and young people in this Ramadan. We organised iftar meals for them in nine different places in Xanthi. The mingling of our young people, who are the guarantee of our future, added a different colour to the month of Ramadan. I would like to thank our businessmen who contributed financially to these iftars, especially our religious officials and everyone who contributed to the organisation of the iftars. May Allah be pleased. Again this year, in the last ten days of Ramadan, the participation of the President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop and the accompanying delegation, who attended the Koyunköy Youth Iftar as the guest of honour from our homeland Türkiye on Friday 14 April, gave us great joy and enthusiasm. On this occasion, I would like to express my gratitude to them. While experiencing all these enthusiasms, unfortunately, we have not forgotten our brothers and sisters who lost their lives in the severe earthquake on 6 February, which is considered as the disaster of the century in our homeland Türkiye. Our people are still continuing to help our brothers and sisters with their zakat and fitr to heal their wounds. On this occasion, may Allah have mercy on those who died in the earthquake, grant a speedy recovery to the sick, and may He never show such disasters again.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
In order for the worships we performed with pleasure during the month of Ramadan to be more acceptable in the sight of Allah, those of us who are well-off in these days when we reach the feast; we tried to make them experience the joy of the feast by taking care of the poor and the needy and taking their hearts with zakat, fitrah and other charity, which are our financial worships. In this regard, the 'Dress an Orphan too' campaign we started as the Mufti's Office was very successful. We have clothed nearly a hundred orphans. We have also delivered the fitrah, ransom and zakat from our congregation to our poor students and those in need. In addition, we prepared sandwiches and distributed them to poor families. We have fulfilled all these with the support of you, our congregation, with great devotion and with a sense of responsibility. May my Lord accept it with the most beautiful acceptance.

Reverend Brothers and Sisters,
Festivals are divine gifts that unite us in the climate of the same religion, the same belief, integrate hearts, reinforce brotherhood, and repair resentments. Festivals are the real manifestation scenes of the brotherhood of faith.

We took ourselves to a spiritual training camp for a month. We cleaned our dirty sides. We repaired our broken hearts, we remembered what we forgot, we rebuilt our broken bridges with the Qur'an, we reunited our broken ties with each other. By starving our material side, we fed our spiritual side and disciplined our nafs.

We learnt to subjugate our will to Allah's orders and prohibitions. We learnt to live as Muslims, brotherhood, sharing and servitude. We met at iftar tables. We broke our fast with the same call to prayer and turned towards the same qibla. We stood in the same line in our mosques. We all prostrated together. We spent an enthusiastic Ramadan by filling our mosques and meeting in five-time prayers and especially in tarawihs specially performed for the month of Ramadan. Praise be to our Lord who made us experience all these beauties. Reaching Eid al-Fitr is a victory over our nafs with our fasting and other acts of worship during the month of Ramadan.

Dear Brothers and Sisters
Let's not forget what we will do on this Eid! Let's offer those who expect the joy of Eid from us what they expect! Let us feel the joy and enthusiasm of Eid within us! Let's make our parents, who are the reason for our existence, happy; let's make our spouses, with whom we shoulder the ordeal of life, happy. Let's introduce our children, who are the living feasts of our homes, to the enthusiasm of Eid! Let us show our respect and affection to our family elders, relatives, neighbours, friends and friends. Let us take the hearts of those who are waiting for healing in hospital corners and wish healing from Allah. Let's make those who cannot have a feast have a feast! Let's put an end to resentments, which are the heaviest burden of hearts!

Eid will be a source of happiness and joy for us only as much as we make others happy. This Eid, let us end the resentments, visit and celebrate Eid with our loved ones. In this way, let us have a life based on tolerance and love with our parents, children and relatives.

With these feelings and thoughts, I congratulate you on your Eid al-Fitr while wishing you good health, prosperity and abundant blessings from Allah Almighty. May Allah make this Eid an occasion for stopping the bloodshed in the Islamic world and ensuring peace and tranquility."

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