Mufti Mete reacts harshly on destruction of Turkish cemetery

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Sat, 19 Mar 2022 21:36 GMT
Mufti of İskeçe (Xanthi) Ahmet Mete made striking statements about the Turkish Cemetery of Horozlu (Petinos), which was destroyed by Bulustra (Avdira) Mayor Tsitiridis.In his statement, Mufti Mete called on Tsitiridis' adviser and vice-president to resign...
Mufti Mete reacts harshly on destruction of Turkish cemetery
Mufti of İskeçe (Xanthi) Ahmet Mete made striking statements about the Turkish Cemetery of Horozlu (Petinos), which was destroyed by Bulustra (Avdira) Mayor Tsitiridis.

In his statement, Mufti Mete called on Tsitiridis' adviser and vice-president to resign, saying, "We expect the elected councilors who advised and assisted him to resign immediately. Otherwise, the same plague will be on their backs.” 

Inviting Mayor Tsitiridis to immediately apologize and renounce his mistake, Mete stated that the work on the new board of trustees for Horozlu village has been completed and the said place should be given to the foundation again.

Condemning the looting of the cemetery, Mete emphasized that our society should be vigilant in the face of such events and that such racists should not be voted in the elections.

Mete referred to the same Mayor's project a few months ago to pass a road through the historical mosque in Hemetli village and to destroy the mosque. “Actually, these events should keep us alive. Because, since this person has committed such an ugly treatment in the Horozlu cemetery today, he will come to the Hemetli Mosque tomorrow and want to demolish the mosque,” said Mete.

The full statement of the Mufti of Xanthi Ahmet Mete is as follows:

Dear brothers,

When we woke up on Wednesday morning, we got some very strange news. 'They raided the Horozlu cemetery with construction equipment, the tombstones that were put under protection, and everything related to the cemetery is loaded into trucks and thrown away' was said. First, in line with the emergency action plan, we gathered at the Mufti office with our deputies and lawyers. As a result of the meeting, two of our deputies first went to the prosecutor and filed a criminal complaint, then went to the cemetery and examined the inhumane scene on the spot. Then they went to the Municipality and expressed their reactions to the incident. We also worked to establish the board of trustees from the closest villages in the region. Objections will be made regarding the issue. It should be noted that the Horozlu cemetery has a history from previous years. Our friend Gürhan Ömeroğlu applied to us for the cleaning of this cemetery. In addition to his application to us, he applied to the military and the municipality and received approval. But because the weather conditions were bad in those days, it seemed quite difficult to clean a 15-acre cemetery. It took about a month or two to clean up the cemetery. One day, the Municipality of Bulustra said, 'Let's collect these bushes and throw them away, let imams come from you, let's protect the tombstones and not harm them.' Such a study was carried out. On this occasion, a study was carried out to clean the cemetery and protect the tombstones with the help of the Municipality. Our imam friends in the surrounding villages of Horozlu kept watch in the morning and evening and showed the necessary sensitivity to prevent the looting of the cemetery. In the end, did these works turn out as we wanted? No. No one could have predicted that such insane acts would follow. Of course, after this incident, we are now following what we should do legally.

We are two communities living together as Christians and Muslims in this country. We are always people who respect the Christian cemetery, respect the church, respect the Christian burial. We see the same with Christians.

The statements made by the heads of the opposition parties show how wrong this nonsense made by the Mayor is. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank the mayoral candidates who reacted on behalf of myself and my society, and the media organs that followed it.

In fact, these events should keep us alive. Because, since this person has committed such an ugly treatment in the Horozlu cemetery today, he comes to the Hemetli Mosque tomorrow and wants to demolish the mosque.

So what can we do as a minority? Are these people backing the state while doing this nonsense? Or who is he backing and respecting neither the dead nor the living of the minority?

The interesting thing is that while this person is doing this, half of his advisors, assistants, and council members are our people. So who chose them? Those who choose them are our people. So, without provoking anyone, I say something quite natural and clear: Whether they are Christians or Muslims, dealing with minorities or the majority, if they deal with people's religious beliefs, religious values, family, honor, future, and places of worship, we should be against them altogether. If we are thinking of living together in this society and living like this until the end of the day, even if we have two different beliefs, what can we say about any attack against the sacred values ​​of Christian members? Likewise, no one should say what to me about the attack on the holy of Muslims.

That's why, my dear brothers and sisters, we, as a minority, have an expectation:

First of all, the Mayor of Bulustra should apologize for this situation, give up his rudeness and return the looted cemetery to the foundation since he had it written down. Currently, our foundation committee has been established.

Second, we expect the immediate resignation of the elected councilors, who advised, and assisted him. Otherwise, the same plague will be on their backs. The scourge of our ancient history, where our grandparents, mothers, perhaps nine-month-old pregnant women, and two-three-month-old babies are buried in the aforementioned cemetery, will be on their shoulders.

Third, we will not vote for such racist people at election time. If the minority wants to be one, if they want to be a power, if they want to gain value, and if we want to value each other, we will not vote for racists. We will not vote for those who want to divide this society and do wrong to this society. We will prevent these people from coming to power again, dealing with our death and our living, and dealing with our mosque and church. This is in our hands. No one should ever say what happens with a vote. One vote does a lot. When the election time comes, the people in question exploit and make fun of our people at the highest level. The abuses in question are observed among both the minority and the majority. Now we have to catch the time to say 'stop' and 'no' to this and find a way to do it.

In the past, there were principals, teachers, and imams in our villages. People would get ideas from them. Today, this situation has been reversed and we are giving ideas to people who need ideas. We don't care about their opinions, their experiences and consider everything as politics. We think that if it does not fit my party, the truth is also wrong. These attitudes will be the bane of our society.

With these feelings and thoughts, I greet you all with love and respect. I curse the looting of the cemetery. I hope that Mr. Mayor will give up this mistake as soon as possible and that the friends who have supported him and worked with him will review their situation. I congratulate all of you on the month of Ramadan in advance.”

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