Mother's Day celebrated in BTTOB

Western Thrace
Mon, 15 May 2023 10:35 GMT
Western Thrace Turkish Teachers Union (BTTÖB) organized a "Mother's Day" event on Saturday, May 13.
Mother's Day celebrated in BTTOB

Western Thrace Turkish Teachers Union (BTTÖB) organized a "Mother's Day" event on Saturday, May 13.

Women, especially mothers, showed great interest in the event held at the BTTOB club in Komotini.

The event started with the greeting speech of BTTÖB President Aydın Ahmet.

President Ahmet, who thanked all mothers individually on the occasion of Mother's Day, said, "Although our mothers carry the most beautiful, cleanest and most innocent feelings in the world, the expectation of our most valuable asset, our most precious mother, is love. All mothers want is to be remembered. With these feelings and thoughts, I congratulate all mothers on Mother's Day.

BTTOB Secretary General Asime Hasanoğlu also gave a speech on the meaning and importance of the day. Celebrating the mother's day of all mothers, Hasanoğlu drew attention to the importance of mother's day and the sense of belonging for parents in the process from past to present.

Finally, the Chairman of the Western Thrace Turkish Minority Advisory Board and the Mufti of Komotini, İbrahim Şerif made a speech and celebrated the Mother's Day of all mothers.

Mufti Sharif, describing the history of the Mother's Day celebration, reminded us of the words of our prophet, "Heaven is under the feet of mothers". Noting that mothers are very important, it is women, not men, who spruce up humanity, and said, "We would not have existed in history if Turkish women were not so strong."

Afterwards, Ceylin Dila Emin, Arsal Ahmet, Nil Berber Ahmet, Ayaz Demirbaş, Mayra Su Mustafa and Sare Şerif recited a poem each.

Finally, the Friends of Classical Turkish Music choir presented a musical feast under the direction of the Choir Chief Galip Galip.

The event ended with a treat given by BTTÖB.

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