Menendez:"proud to have been a long time advocate"

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Thu, 23 Feb 2023 8:19 GMT
1st East Macedonia & Thrace Forum: Innovations in solar & wind solidifying Greece's leadership in renewables sector.
Menendez:"proud to have been a long time advocate"

1st East Macedonia & Thrace Forum: Innovations in solar & wind solidifying Greece's leadership in renewables sector.

The Eastern Mediterranean faces many challenges in today's shifting geopolitical landscape, "from the threat of climate change and need for energy security, to dangerous leaders in neighboring Turkey or Russia," US Senator & Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Robert (Bob) Menendez told the 1st East Macedonia & Thrace Forum, held in the northeastern Greek city of Alexandroupolis on February 22-23.

In his pre-recorded message for the roundtable "Consequences of Russia's aggression against Ukraine for Eastern Macedonia and Thrace", Menendez praised the significance of Alexandroupolis, a city that "serves as a major US military and NATO defence hub, and is now transforming into an energy hub, with a new liquefied natural gas facility as well."

Continuing, Menendez said that "Greece's willingness to lead by example when it comes to energy is not only the definition of moral leadership, it makes sound economic sense," as Greek innovations in solar and wind "are solidifying Greece's leadership in this space, spurring greater economic opportunities for its people far into the future."

Greece "is showing the world how embracing clean energy puts you on the cutting edge of innovation," he underlined.

On his role in US-Greek relations, the Senator said that he is "proud to have been a long time advocate" for these, and that "as the son of refugees who came to the United States in search of a better life," he has a deep appreciation for the Greek-American community and their incredible achievements and contributions.

For these reasons, noted Menendez, so much of the legislation he has offered and passed during his tenure in Congress has focused on strengthening the bond between the two nations, which includes "my Eastern Mediterranean Security & Energy Partnership Act, which authorized a new energy center to help accelerate the region's move towards Renewables, and the US-Greece Defense & Interparliamentary Partnership Act, which helps expand upon our already strong alliance."

Furthermore, Menendez noted that he has spoken to U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm "about concrete plans and moving forward, and will keep pushing to ensure there are plans in place."

These efforts, he added, "will pay security dividends by making the region less dependent on fossil fuels from Russia and other autocracies."

"So let's keep building on the success we've already made together," he highlighted, "and let's celebrate our efforts to bring great security and prosperity to the Eastern Mediterranean, and to East Macedonia and Thrace in particular."

Speakers at the event organized by Olympia Forum include Greek and foreign political leaders, diplomats, academics, and business leaders.

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